Friday, September 2, 2011

The Country Quilt

Here is a picture of the quilt I just completed at the end of August.  I give all of my quilts a name and this one is The Country Quilt.  It looks a bit wavy in the picture because I put it over a room divider so I could photograph most of it.and let you see the binding, etc.  This is the first time I used striped fabric for binding and I really like it!

My new sewing machine was delivered today so  you know what I was doing!  I will get to know it better and if it's a "keeper" I will tell you more.  So far I have only wound a bobbin, threaded the machine and the bobbin case, learned how to use the needle threader and how to change feet, and I adjusted the tension.  The real test will be over the weekend when I try the 1/4" foot and see how that does and try the free motion quilting.  This is so odd to be teaching myself how to use a machine on my own.  I am so spoiled by having sewing machine stores walk me through my earlier ones.  I will tell you that when I look at the instruction manual I can barely see what they are referring to in the picture... yes, there's a number there, but what are they looking at... and sometimes I can barely see it on the machine once I go looking for it.  I think there are some odd angles on the shaping of this machine.  Of course, I know that once you really get used to a machine, you just automatically reach in the right place so no worry about that yet.  I sure hope I love it and can be raving about it in a few days.  I took some pictures of it already - just in case.  I will let you know that parts of it are hot pink!  (Just from that some of you will know what machine arrived at my house.)


  1. I know all about weird angles! I still don't like where the switch to drop my feed dogs is. At least we found it!

  2. I think on this new machine my switch to drop the feed dogs may be about where yours is!

    The machine is sewing nicely (with one exception so far and I will ask the seller about it) and the 1/4" foot is accurate. There are many things I really like about it and many more things yet to be tried. The only problem that I am quite worried about so far has been when going from a thin layer of fabric to a thicker layer using the 1/4" foot. Apparently there is an adjustment for doing it with the regular foot, but since my use is 99% quilting I will have the 1/4" foot on there most of the time and the machine needs to be able to handle those seams. I will experiment more and make a call on Tuesday if I haven't figured out a way to correct the problem.