Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Post Surgery Post

I realized I had not been back here since I had my surgery towards the end of July. There was plenty of reason why I had so much pain when I posted last time. The surgeon talked about using robotic surgery to do repairs and I waited extra time to get on the list for that, but once surgery started not much of my surgery could be done using robotics. Nonetheless here I am a few weeks later with stitches pretty much over my entire abdomen but not much that is visible from the outside. The marvels of modern medicine! I'm still in the healing phase but hopefully it will heal nicely. (That's in contrast to two years ago when much of my surgery resulted in "on the skin" stitches and staples that really looked nasty ... but it's great that scars begin to fade in time.)

So where have I been since my surgery? Well, one outing was to the surgeon's office to be checked after two weeks. Then last week I decided it had been long enough and I drove into Lexington for a much needed haircut. Meanwhile to keep myself entertained here at home, I've stepped into the world of card making with a new machine that cuts and embosses. I'm teaching myself how to use the supplies that I've ordered. Of course it didn't take me long to discover that You Tube has many demonstrations on how to use a specific die (or whatever)! I had no idea paper could be so complicated. My favorite papercuts are using the dies that produce something that looks like lace.

Here's a photo of one of the dies I bought. 

Hopefully there will be all kinds of beautiful things made of paper at my house soon and I'll be back to working with fabric. I pulled  my crochet hook out a time or two but that's still a work in progress.
I hope everyone is doing well and had a good summer.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Week with Too Much to Do

I'm sorry that I haven't posted in such a long time. It's the usual excuse - when I have things going on, I don't have time to post and when there's nothing going on, there's nothing to write about.

I'll begin with a quilt related picture. Our quilt guild had Susan Lentz as the speaker in April and she has such interesting work - the program she presented was based on "Last Words" and I love how she incorporates vintage lace, vintage embroidery, and even vintage buttons into her art. Many of the pieces began as tombstone rubbings. If you want to read more about Susan, she has a web site you can visit it at

Now back to my heading for this post. This past week was one of the busiest I've ever had. My husband was in the hospital so I was the only one at home and I was visiting the hospital for as many hours as I could every day. I was so happy when he got to come home Thursday afternoon! Any time there is just one of us at home, there is so much to do. If it hadn't been for fast food and the drive-in lane, I don't know how I would have managed to eat dinner. I ate lunch at the hospital, my better choice, and was amazed by all the choices they had and at least I ordered healthy meals there.

Then to add to all the problems, I felt really bad nearly all week - extreme abdominal pain. I plan to go the doctor tomorrow to see if they can tell me what is going on. My older horse joined in on the medical problems on Wednesday evening. He had colic, which is pretty serious and can be deadly for a horse. Luckily some wonderful neighbors came over to help me and I called the equine vet so she could come out to treat him. By the time she got to the barn, it was dark so I was very thankful for the lights at the barn - not quite like daytime, but not too bad either. My horse was a wonderful patient. My neighbor and I had walked him for 90 minutes before the vet arrived so we got a workout, too. Then he got a bit sedated and lots of "treatment". He's doing really well. However, after a colic, they are very limited as for what they can eat so along came a complicated feeding schedule for him and I was having to separate the horses while they ate so he wouldn't eat some of the other horse's food. Some may know that I got this Arabian horse when he was 6 months old, so he has grown up in the family. There was a well-know Arabian stud named Dixie Fireflash and many of his offspring have been very successful in a variety of endeavors. My horse is a son of Dixie Fireflash. He was in some local shows when he was younger and he would watch the other horses so he knew what to do.We have been impressed by his intelligence many times. 

All I can say is "I Survived"! Thanks to all the friends who said a prayer or sent good wishes to get me through the week. Here's a quote about endurance that I though you might enjoy.

Hope is endurance.
Hope is holding on and going on and trusting in the Lord.
- Michael Novak

And before I close for this evening, I'll be wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers next Sunday.
Hopefully my absence from this blog won't be so long next time.