Friday, September 23, 2011

Things are Improving

Not only am I doing better, but my dog is much better, too.  Wow, what a relief that she is now interested in eating again!  We are still having to tempt her a bit - she has begun to expect some ground beef with garlic powder mixed in with whatever else she gets in her bowl, but it is becoming less of a meal of special "people food" and more dog food.  What can I say, an elderly dog gets some special treatment!
On the quilting front, I am continuing to work on the fabric books for the triplets.  Also, this week I signed up to do a Round Robin.  I know everyone else who quilts probably did one long ago, but I have never done a Round Robin.  (I did a Row Robin a few years ago, but just don't feel like that counts towards it...)  Once I signed up I was busy looking through fabric and quilt magazines and quilt books trying to decide what to use for my center.  I think I have it figured out... if only I don't change my mind!
I know I am still promising pictures.  I will post some soon.  As you'll see I figured out how to add an extra page, so I will soon have some pictures of my triplet grandsons here at Ark Angels Quilting.  They are more awesome than anything I can quilt or sew!

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