Monday, April 23, 2012

Fun with the Arts!

I have not posted much since I returned from California, but I promise to do better.  Things have been hectic here to say the least.  My husband retired less than a week after I got home and then my younger daughter and son-in-law were here - and, of course, it was Easter in there as well.

Anyway, a week ago I finished the charity quilt top that I started right before my trip.  This is made from a kit provided by the guild that I belong to - very simple to make and I hope it brings a smile to someone's face when they receive it.  (The blocks are straight - the picture just turned out that way because of the quilt being held.)

There were lots of things going on in the Columbia Area this past weekend.  My husband and I enjoyed the Center for Contemporary Art Open Studios.  There were 69 studios available to visit, but we went to far less than that.  Anyway, it was a nice day and we went out for lunch also.  Most of the art did not involve fabric, but I enjoy seeing things done in other ways, too!

The weather has been crazy.  It was unusually warm all winter and everything has been blooming beautifully and so much earlier than usual. Earlier today they said that it may drop down to 39 degrees tonight.  Of course, I also heard that some areas of the country have snow.  Crazy weather indeed for late in April!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Birthday with family...

I just returned from California where I spent some time with my older daughter and son-in-law and their triplets.  This picture was taken on my birthday.  The boys have grown so much since I was there last year.  You can see why I haven't posted for awhile!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend.