Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
I'm always amazed when I log on and see "how long it has been". Perhaps 2016 will be my year for logging on more frequently.

So, what has been happening? Well, the New Year got off to a rough start. The corner of one of my front teeth broke off on New Years' Day. I knew there wouldn't be any way to deal with it until Monday. Then to top things off I was due to have cataract surgery on Wednesday.

So, most of Monday was spent waiting to hear back from the eye surgeon's office about whether it was okay to have the tooth taken care of that close to my cataract surgery. It turned out that if there was nothing done that impacted my gums, it was fine to get it repaired. I talked with my dentist's office and they got me in for a Tuesday appointment. Tooth repaired without using any injections and I was good to have my cataract surgery on Wednesday. So far, this eye is doing so much better than last time. I changed surgeon, surgery site, and all eye drops that were used. The last surgery was such a bad experience and this time is so much better.

There hasn't been any quilting or other sewing going on so far. My eyes tire pretty easily and bright light is still bothersome. Once I can deal with the bright light I use next to  my sewing machine I think I will work more on the Greater Columbia Quilters 2015 Mystery Quilt. I'll be sure to post a picture of it next time. The fabrics I am using are some that I had been saving for a special project.

Speaking of "special project", I'll share pictures of the I Spy quilt that I made for my granddaughter for Christmas. This was my first time adding "minky" as the backing for a quilt. What an experience! I read somewhere to use spray adhesive to hold the layers together. Spraying the whole thing at once was not working for me. Finally I had better luck spraying one row at a time, quilting that one row and then spraying the next row. I think this will be my one and only quilt backed with "minky" even though I love how soft it feels.