Triple The Fun ... and Two

Another Little Granddaughter

Just a quick update to let you know that our older granddaughter (who is almost 4 years old now) has been joined by a little sister, born shortly before Christmas in 2016. The quilt you see that I posted recently is for her.

A New Little Granddaughter

A new little granddaughter joined our family on March 2. She is the child of my other daughter so not a sister to the triplets. She's certainly special in her own right as the first granddaughter. There will be lots of pink and little girl things in the days ahead. Welcome to the family!

And although I haven't updated the pictures of the triplets, they recently turned 3 years old.

 "Triple The Fun" - My Grandtriplets!

The triplets are now twenty months old. Here they are in their Halloween costumes for 2012.
What cute crayons!

Devin, Daddy, Bobby, Mommy, and Erik

Here are some pictures from some time ago. 

Wearing their Yosemite outfits:

...and here the boys are in November - ready for Thanksgiving: