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Garden Arts

As Monet recognized in his paintings, art is all around us --- and especially in our gardens!
I enjoy my time as a professional speaker and provide information in a fun and interesting way. Contact me regarding fees.  Topics include:

Winter Sowing:

Have the dreary days of winter become your non-gardening months?  Get ready for some wintertime fun! With winter sowing, you plant seeds as early as right after Christmas and all you need are seeds, soil, a recycled  milk jug (or something similar) for a container. You do all of this outside. No need for grow lights and heating coils. No worries about dampening off or hardening off the seedlings to the outdoors. Whoever heard of such a thing?  Lots of people! I will tell you which seeds are likely to bring success, how to save seeds from year to year, and how to prepare your containers.  Flowers, shrubs, herbs, and vegetables – many can be winter sown.

The Wonderful World of Miniatures:

We can never say enough about miniatures – they are space saving, economical, easy to grow, easy on our back, and adorable! The whole range of gardening is here – from bonsai techniques that date back about 1,000 years to varieties that are being miniaturized as we speak. I have become especially interested in miniature vegetables, miniature roses, fairy gardens, and even teacup gardens. Find out more about these fascinating plants and methods for growing them.

History in the Garden:

Gardening has a long history. I present information on mankind’s first cultivation of plants for food, fibers, medicine, and other uses as well as medieval gardens in monasteries, mazes and labyrinths, colonial gardens, frontier development, the Victorian era, and the Victory Gardens of World War II. What plants grow in your area naturally? Are you interested in heirlooms?


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  1. Your flowers are awesome!
    I just moved to North Carolina and live in the woods! I am enjoying learning about the native plants and trying to garden with just the noonday sun in the Nantahala forest!

    I also love to photograph my forest finds and the rural country road finds!
    Thanks for sharing your information!
    Smiles, Cyndi