Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Machine

Since January I have been saying that I need a second sewing machine.  (Well, actually it is a third sewing machine because I have one that is mounted in a sewing table, weighs a ton, and doesn't do much of anything related to quilting. I keep it because it was my bridal shower gift from my great aunt "way back when."  It is not anything I can take to workshops, classes, retreat, etc.  Is anyone else sentimental about a sewing machine?)
My primary machine is a Bernina that I have had for 10 or 11 years.  It's a really nice machine with more bells and whistles than I need so I have no complaints with it.  However, I notice more and more times when I absolutely have to have a machine that is operational (like when I was hurrying to make quilts for the baby shower for my triplet grandsons and my tension on my Bernina would not behave.)
I decided in January to get a second machine for a back-up, for workshops, etc.   I browsed a bit online now and then, but was not looking very seriously and had not selected anything.  Today I did a bit more browsing, read reviews, etc. and got a machine ordered!  No, I have not seen it in person or tried it out.  It is a new machine from a legitimate business and can be returned if I really don't like it.  Anyway, I am excited to have a new "baby" to try out and it should arrive on Friday.  Once it gets here (assuming I like it), I will post some pictures and tell more about it.
So, you will hear from me with a report soon...

What have I been working on lately?  This is a quilt that was started by the original group of Lady Bees.

The Lady Bees were a group who all took a quilting class together and wanted to keep meeting and stay in touch. I think it continued for about 10 years and we still keep in touch from time to time.  I believe there were 5 of us originally when these quilt blocks were made.  (There was a later Lady Bees quilt that was made after the group expanded and I completed that one long ago.)
On the quilt that is pictured, I added many blocks on my own so there would be a "full" quilt; the block made by each of the original members is included.  I had the piecing completed a long time ago, but recently got it quilted by my friend Vivian Perry (see vivianperry.blogspot.com) and now I am sewing down the binding.  The quilt design is "Fern" and I love it!  I'll post a bigger picture that includes the binding once I finish it.
This quilt has been 10 years in the making.  I love our guild's UFO Challenge!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time for Bed After Overnight Flight

I don't know if you missed me, but I was in California for two weeks visiting my older daughter, her husband, and their triplets!  It has been lots of fun having my first grandchildren arrive three at a time, but it is very busy at their house, too.  It was my older daughter's birthday earlier this month so I flew out for that and to offer a few weeks of help.  Night time is going much easier with them now that they are close to 6 months old, but the daytime is filled with activity!

Soon I will make some cloth activity books for them.  Does anyone have any suggestions for constructing the books or things to include?  I already have some fun fabric set aside to make the books.  The book that they have now that they like the best makes a crinkling noise when you grab the pages.  Does anyone know what to use to get that effect?  They also like a handle on the spine of the book and obviously it needs to be a book that can go safely into their mouths.  They love story time and each one will look at each page after you read it.  Sort of like working on an assembly line showing the pictures in the books!  My other discovery was that the babies think that I am extremely funny.  Who would have expected that?

By now you may be wondering about the title.  I once again took an overnight flight on my way home.  Both leaving my home and theirs involves using smaller airports so there are always at least three different planes.  Why do the planes always land at the extreme opposite end of the terminal from where you need to be for the next flight?  It happens every time.  I got plenty of exercise.  One day I will bring my pedometer and see how which airline puts me farthest from the next gate!  My other issue is I can't sleep on the plane.  Is everyone who appears to be sleeping just resting their eyes? 

I got home at 9 a.m. and went to bed for most of the day yesterday.  Things seem to be back to normal today.

Quilt news coming soon!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Comments Bring a Smile!

It was great to log on today and see some comments on my blog!  That is one thing when you begin blogging, you wonder if anyone is out there reading what you wrote.  If anyone comments on my blog, I will definitely try to visit your blog and see what is going on in your world.
I have been working steadily on a quilt that I hope to finish up this month.  Of course I will post pictures as I complete anything new.  I am really enjoying the color scheme on this recent quilt.  It has chocolate brown and shades of turquoise and teal.  It seems like chocolate brown wasn't used much in quilts a few years ago, but it looks wonderful with so many colors.  I think it adds a richness and a depth to the quilt.
I hope to be back with some pictures of completed quilts soon!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sizzling in South Carolina

I have been sizzling in South Carolina and am so ready for some cooler temperatures!  To top things off, at the end of last week I got a sore throat that doesn't seem to want to go away.  It seems like such an odd time of the year to have a sore throat.  I wouldn't worry about it quite so much, but I will be seeing my triplet grandsons next week and sure don't want to get them or their mom or dad sick.  I think it may be from an allergy, but I went to the doctor today "just in case" -  not that he could tell me why I had a sore throat!
It seems too early to think about the South Carolina State Fair, but all of the information is now posted online and it's time to sign up to enter various categories.  I may skip entering anything this year.  There was a miniature quilt I hoped to make before the Fair, but I don't think I will get to it in time.
I hope everyone is able to stay a little bit cool.