Wednesday, September 14, 2011

An Up and Down Day

Well, our dog came home looking so close to back to normal yesterday evening that I thought we had it made.  Today has been more "downs" than "ups" but at least there was a little improvement late this afternoon.  Her little bit of appetite had gone away and she wasn't even eating her favorites - and she was only drinking water while she was laying down and if I brought it and put it right in front of her.  Plus Crystal couldn't get to her feet unassisted.  Definitely a big let down after the progress we saw yesterday.  Anyway, I have been on the phone with the vet's office.  We are trying two new medications (which yes, I am nervous about because all this came about after two other new medications a week or two ago), but a little while ago she ate a few pieces of chicken with some enthusiasm so maybe we are on the right track.

Meanwhile, I decided I could do some sewing while keeping an eye on her, so I started working on fabric books for my triplet grandsons.  I will post some pictures once I get some pages completed.  As I will tell my daughter, they are not works of art - simply meant to be fun for the babies.  If I prepared them as works of art, the grandsons wouldn't get them until they are 12 years old and no 12 year old wants a fabric book intended for a baby!

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  1. I'm keeping Crystal in my prayers and hope she responds well to the new medication.
    Wow! Triplet grandsons - how wonderful!! They must keep your daughter extremely busy.