Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Dog is Home Again... and thank you to my vet!

Our 12-year old Golden Retriever, Crystal, was very sick for the past 3 days.  Thanks to my veterinarian and her being a "pretty resilient old girl" she is home today and feeling quite well after her big ordeal.   She had been prescribed two medications recently (one prescription and one over the counter) and the guess is that she had a toxic reaction to one of them.  There is no way she will take either of them again!
Anyway, it's great to have her home.   Our vet was so nice that he even let her come home last night and then I brought her back this morning to continue another day of treatment.  She is so much more relaxed at home that when it is medically feasible, it's so much better all the way around. 

Anyway, here is a picture taken of her around Christmas 2010.  You can also see our cat, Hershey, in the background.  He wanted to be in the picture, too!
I know many of you love pets, so I thought I would share the good news and the picture!


  1. So sweet....glad she is better and on the mend. I lost both of my cats in the last couple of years, so I really enjoy seeing and hearing about others. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm so glad that Crystal is doing better. Nothing is scarier than having one of our fur babies sick.