Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Love Feedback

What is it about us that we all love feedback. Here at my blog, please feel welcome to leave a comment. I love to hear from you!

I try not to spend an unreasonable amount of time talking about my Etsy shop, but you'll see the listing of my items over to the right side and please come by to visit my shop. I have been adding vintage Christmas ornaments recently. Aren't these pretty? Someday I would like to decorate a small tree primarily in pink. Wouldn't that be great?

Anyway, I'll get back to the topic of feedback. I have been so thankful that many buyers have left positive feedback for my Etsy shop which is named The Sandlapper Shop. (On Etsy, just leave out all the spaces and you'll get there.) Out of 32 sales, I have 26 people who left feedback which is a very high percentage and I thank each one of them. When you buy from someone and like the service or the product, be sure to let them know.

Here are some of the great comments I have received:

"Thanks, you are the best seller I have ever encountered on Etsy!"

"A faultless & excellent service."

"Thank you for a smooth buy and FAST shipping."

"You handled the transaction exactly how I would like to if I were a seller."

"Awe, packaged so cute and a quick send... many thanks."

"Probably my favorite Etsy purchase in some time."

"Just the best!!! Love this shop."

Keep in mind that many Etsy sellers (my shop included) gift wrap most things that they sell at no charge and the items can usually be shipped to a recipient with a card indicating who sent it as a gift which saves you from re-mailing it. I have started doing some of my Christmas shopping there as well as shopping for birthdays, etc.

Speaking of which, Thanksgiving is almost here and right after that we get very busy getting ready for Santa's big day. I always say I will shop early and I do have a few things purchased and one box mailed because it has to go all the way to Australia, but I know there are many busy days ahead.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with family or friends. If you are traveling, have a safe journey.

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