Monday, November 5, 2012

Auburn and Seneca Falls, NY

Kristene and I visited Auburn and Seneca Falls, NY. I wanted to visit the Women's History sites in Seneca Falls. Our B&B was in Auburn, so we saw both.

The first picture you see is from the Willard Memorial Chapel where the interior was the work of Louis Comfort Tiffany - yes, the famous maker of stained glass. The chandeliers and gold leaf mosaic panels are fantastic; as of course, are the windows. It's a National Historic Landmark.

Seneca Falls is full of Women's History. It's where Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton met, where the first Women's Rights Convention was held in 1848, and where the women's rights movement gained strength. At a Chinese restaurant where we ate lunch, there was this huge photograph on the wall of an equal rights meeting in July 1923. (It was easily 10 feet in length!)

There are sights to see throughout the town, but the National Park Service's Women's Rights Museum is an excellent place to visit, so be sure to include it! This is "The First Wave" a grouping of sculpture by Lloyd Lillie.

Seneca Falls is also supposed to be the town upon which the movie It's a Wonderful Life is based and this beautiful view of the downtown area taken from across the river might certainly convince you.

There is even an It's a Wonderful Life Museum so be sure to stop by there as well. Here is a portion of one of the quilts that hangs in the museum. The photograph in the center shows the town all decked out for Christmas and a light covering of snow. It's looks wonderful!

There are a few more days to report on, so I'll continue soon with more of the places we visited.

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