Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Are You Curious?

Sometimes people ask me if I repair quilts.  The answer is "it depends." If the damage is confined to just one or a few areas and I feel like I can stabilize the quilt and make it appear much better, I will make repairs.  Here is one I did for a client. You can see that one area was torn to shreds.  A little bit of patching and it looks like new! However, I admit I do not have the time or patience to work with many large areas.


...and just in case I left you curious about how things were going following my cataract surgery, here's an update.  I went to see the surgeon for my 2 week checkup yesterday. I had a miserable stretch with the prescription drops burning and stinging my eye.  The surgeon says that happens in about 5 - 8% of cataract patients. If your eye is dry, the surgery makes it drier, and the drops make it drier, and all of that together makes for one sore, stinging eye.  Anyway, I can see well out of that eye and the doctor convinced me to leave the second surgery as scheduled - 2 weeks away.  He says the first eye will have totally recovered by then.

There has been no sewing going on here due to my eye situation. I took out a quilt one day last week trying to work on it and decided all I was fit to do was to snip off the long threads. Maybe I will try again in a few more days. Soon I want to start making an I Spy quilt for my triplet grandsons. They are totally ready to match up colors and words and point to things on the quilt!

My local quilt guild has some smaller groups that meet in homes. One of the evening groups is called The Mavens and they met here last evening.  We had a wonderful time! I hadn't seen any of them lately because I missed the last regular meeting.


  1. Hi from ArtIsMyPassion, nice to meet you, Jeanne. You sound like you have got your hands full, always things to do. I keep my fingers crossed for your previous and your next cataract surgery!
    Now going to check your writing blog...
    Claudia ImagesByCW

  2. I appreciate you update. And, thanks for stopping by my cataract post. I wish you the best on your second surgery and a speedy recovery.

    The fact that you quilt mean you have more patience then I do. Hand work bores me to tears. What a varied career you have had. I have done lots of jobs but none as skilled as you have. I am however married to a retired deputy sheriff.