Thursday, July 12, 2012

Etsy's Christmas in July

There are official dates in July when Etsy recognizes the Christmas in July Sale and they are today, July 12, through July 22!  Many shops, including mine, have had items on sale since early in July, but now the really big sale is in effect. I have added some things to my shop so check them out. I plan to do a little shopping later today, too.

Does anyone crochet?  These are beautiful pattern books for crocheting Christmas ornaments.  I have them priced on sale at $4.50 (for both of them) plus shipping.  They are like brand new and were published by Annie's Attic in the 1990's. If you are interested in them, go to my Etsy shop. It's the only way to purchase them right now. You can make lovely gifts and ornaments for your own tree as well.

As for my "after-cataracts-surgery report," I am still progressing. I think I heard from too many people who were totally better in two days and seeing better than they did in years.  I am not in that category, and it is frustrating for someone like me who wants to be better "yesterday!" The prescription eye drops were stinging my eyes a lot yesterday.  I was told I could use them 10 minutes apart, but I have expanded that to 20-40 minutes apart and that seems to have helped. Today I can read what is on the computer screen with only my left eye (the one that had surgery), although not quite as well as I can read with my right eye (the one that hasn't had the surgery yet.)  Some of it may relate to the fact my right eye is my dominant eye and also I had been closing the left eye a lot prior to surgery, so my body may be getting used to using that eye again.

Have a pleasant day and please comment when you get the urge.  I look for comments!

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  1. Jeanne-glad things are getting clearer. It's always scary when you get any procedure done on your eyes. I've always wanted to learn to crochet -my Mom crochets and knits but I guess I didn't get that gene!