Thursday, July 19, 2012

Landing on the Moon

Do you realize that July 20, 1969 was when Americans first landed on the moon?  If you are like me, you remember those events being televised - sort of blurry pictures and probably black and white TV, but it certainly was exciting!

If you are interested, I am trying to post something each day on Pinterest about what is special about that day.  Usually I leave the post up from the day before as well so you get "Today" and "Yesterday" in one visit.  Check it out if you want:

Well, I am still trying to get my eye back to normal following my cataract surgery.  I think a lot of my issues are my body being less than happy with the prescription eye drops.  On Monday I go back for a recheck following my surgery so we will see what the doctor says.

On a final note, the Christmas in July Sale for my shop on Etsy will end on Monday.  Everything is currently marked at 10% off the normal price.  Take a look.

The Mavens (from the quilt guild that I belong to) meet at my house Monday evening, the 23rd. Remember to bring 10 charm squares so we can play a game. Looking forward to seeing all of you!

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  1. I remember being allowed to sit up and watch that news reel.. We lived in Rhodesia and it was quite a thing to be able to pick up a television signal :-) Black and White ours was.
    I hope your eye is soon back to normal! I wish I could have laser surgery on one of my eyes.. ho hum :-)
    I'm not sure if you're interested but just in case, have a look at my pinterst board you may find something of interest there :-) ALSOoooo :-) here is my spoonflower site for you to have a peak at..

    I'll pop along to your shop and pin something on my board... Oh yes before I forget.. have you put a free ad up on the QQQ teams shop hop? If not you should! Look for the thread that says.. 'Have you heard???'