Thursday, August 2, 2012

Etsy on My Mind

Let me start out by saying that my eye that had cataract surgery nearly a month ago is still not back to normal and continues to be uncomfortable.  I was supposed to have surgery on the second eye next week on Monday, but I cancelled it.  I can see very well out of the second eye at this point so there seemed to be no point to risking the possibility that I might be dealing with another problem.  If any of you have worn contacts, you know what it feels like when you have a slight tear in your contact lens.  Well, that is what my eye feels like all the time now.  I am hoping it's just a reaction to the prescription drops, but there is no way to know. 

The doctors say this is because my eye is dry, but when I use the moisturising drops, ointment, etc. it does not feel any different - and it seems that after I put those in, it should feel better if that was the case. Anyway, if it does get back to normal, I will be here to shout about it! Today was my first day using my sewing machine again and I could thread the needle really well so that was a sigh of relief. I embroidered the names of my triplet grandsons on some bibs so I can mail something to them. I did similar bibs just prior to Christmas, but I think those bibs need replacing by now!  I also went to the dentist this week and got two old fillings replaced and all of that went well, so not everything has been bad.

What has been great lately is all the support and surprises that I have received from some of my Etsy Teams!  I belong to quite a few, but I have to tell you about four of them in this post. Not any of this was because of my issues with my eye - all totally coincidence, some of these selections are situations where shops are selected at random, and with some others it was just my turn to come up in a team event that I participate in. It just happened to be an ideal time for me to get a little extra attention. 

Promoting Creative Friends has been so wonderful to me all week and believe me, it has made me feel better when my eye has been such an issue. The Coffee Scented Sachets  that I made (see photo above) were in the Thursday's Tag You're It Treasury Challenge for this week and have been featured in so many wonderful Treasuries.  I love coffee and coffee related items so I have had a wonderful time enjoying them and favoriting the items. I was also in a Shop of the Day Treasury where any item in the shop could be featured... and the Sawtooth Star Quilt that I made is featured in the PCF's Weekly Shop Hop.  You can see the items here:  If you are active in or just curious about Etsy, stop by to see this team at:

Another team I am on is the Treasury Island Team and my shop, which is TheSandlapperShop, was a Spotlight Shop for the Treasury Challenge this week. You can visit the Treasury Island Team at: I love to make Treasuries so I have lots of fun with it.

Team Elite recently allowed us to request a buddy and I have Melissa from Serendipity World as my new buddy. You can visit Melissa's shop at and you can get to know Team Elite at

This next team is listed last, but is not least in any way - the Golden Rose Crafters Team. What a warm and welcoming group!  Their blog that just came out features one of my gardening articles - see my column "Growing Together" about Nourishing Your Soil at
One of my Treasuries entitled Lavender-licious is a Top Pick for July in the General Treasuries Category. You can visit the team at:

Maybe it will help if I explain how you can see all of the Treasuries I have made and those that feature items from my shop. Some wonderful people beyond those I just talked about also featured some of my items in Treasuries this week. If you go to, you will see a space where you can enter search terms.  Type in TheSandlapperShop and you can see every Treasury I have made as well as Treasuries that were made by others that feature an item from my shop.

If you haven't visited my other blog lately - Write Here, Write Now - I have posted another author interview.  You will love to read about author Marie Fostino.  Check it out!

So, most of the week has been such a good week so far... now if I can just get my eye back to normal, but at least I no longer live in fear of the second eye feeling bad, too.  Sometimes you have to take a stand!

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  1. Hope your eye gets right!
    You've really done well with Etsy. I'm hoping to get more active soon!