Friday, August 24, 2012

Wild and Crazy Week

It's so hard to work on quilting when your eye is uncomfortable. This quilt was finished today... whew, it seems like I started it so long ago. I like the green, purple, and white with just a touch of yellow.

Meanwhile, it has been a wild and crazy week. My husband and I have been car shopping. I started out with a list of about 18 or 19 cars that I wanted to look at. (Now, keep in mind I don't pay a bit of attention to cars until it comes time to look for one which means for years and years I would not notice if a Ford Mustang or a Chevy Equinox is next to me at the red light.) I started out with Consumer Reports magazine. Our plan was to go to various dealerships and just look at the exterior of the vehicles that I thought I might like, take a look at the size of the cargo area, and sit in the front and rear seat. So that took about a week and narrowed the list considerably. Then we test drove a few and began to talk price.  Finally there were only 3 models left on my list. They were all similar in having the features that were really important to me and not too dissimilar in price. Color was an issue on one, but the dealership was willing to bring in an acceptable color from out of state. I stressed a lot about which one to pick and we now have a red Nissan Rogue. I like it so far and it's doing better on gas mileage than advertised. The car I traded in was really good on gas and I wondered about working my way into the small SUV category. It will still be awhile before I feel comfortable driving it in lots of traffic and on narrow streets, but I'll get there.

Now if you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know there have been issues with my eye since I had cataract surgery on it early in July. It got worse this week. In fact, I called the surgeon's office this morning and they had me come right in. It's still supposed to relate to my eye being dry; but after adding over the counter drops and gel for two months now, there has been little improvement. There are what they call "inflammation cells" in my eye so I will be starting on two prescription eye drops once I get into town to pick them up tomorrow. I guess it's nice to be trying something to get rid of the discomfort, but it is supposed to take 4 months to see if this will make an improvement.  Do you think I am patient?  I am not! So, in December I can let you know if this works.

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