Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eye'm Much Improved

I know that first word is wrong, but it sounded so appropriate. A few people have been following along to learn more about cataract surgery and might be wondering how I am doing. I am so happy to report that my eye is getting closer and closer to feeling normal. I would rate it somewhere around 85-90% back to normal. I'm still glad I postponed surgery on the second eye, but much relieved that my eye won't feel like I am wearing a torn contact lens for the rest of my life. Are you like me and so impatient to have something get better? Today makes one month since I had the first surgery which doesn't sound like a long recovery in terms of surgery, but it was not what I anticipated with cataract surgery.

Did I make the right decision to keep my vision about like it was?  I really think so.  I can read, sew, and work at the computer without my glasses.  I can read my alarm clock which is on the nightstand right next to my bed, I can cut or file my fingernails, and if I ever decide some occasion warrants it, I can see to apply makeup.  I must say I don't wear it very often now that I am retired and I doubt it would stay on long with all the sweating involved in a South Carolina August.  I don't know about other South Carolina women, but I sweat in this hot weather!

I bought fabric to work on making an I Spy quilt for my triplet grandsons so I hope to get started on that over the next few days and finish up another quilt that now only needs the binding put on and stitched down.  Last year my quilt guild had a UFO Challenge and that helped me so much to finish some quilts that had stagnated, but those that didn't get finished last year have not made a lot of progress this year.  I know, I shouldn't expect them to magically finish on their own! Cheer me on so I can get more quilting done.

Happy quilting and if you are waiting for something of your own to heal and mend, get well soon.

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  1. Great glad the eye is almost back to normal. Patience and waiting for healing is hard....I'm in my 4th month of recovery for broken shoulder.