Friday, July 29, 2011

Old in Age, Young in Attitude

Some of you know that I have a horse that is 32 years old.  I have had her for most of those years.  She can't eat quite as well as she used to, but can still be ridden lightly .  With the heat like it has been, I have started taking her for walks and only ride if it really cools down and there is a breeze.  She has a large pasture that she is in all day, but she really likes to get led up to the house and see the sights.  You wouldn't know her age from seeing her walk, she is full of energy and the sense of adventure.  Anyway, I know many who quilt have favorite pets, too, so I am sharing the tale of Sugar with you.  Here she was about a week ago right after having her bath.  Looking pretty good!  It's the young attitude that does it.


  1. WOW!! She looks fabulous!! Love your blog. Please pop over to mine and have a look. You'll see my pets on there plus a couple of quilt tops and maybe even some of my husband's flowers!! Feel free to follow if you find me interesting enough!!
    Shetland Isles

  2. Hello Jeanne, Sugar is truly beautiful....I can see you love and care for her very much...our Jess has two horses.....Warm Regards, Lyn