Monday, November 25, 2013

Checking Off Another UFO

This is the stocking I made for an internet swap. I hope my swap partner likes it and the things I put inside!
It's also an item on my UFO list that I was able to check off! The stocking has been mailed and will soon bring surprises to a friend. The lace cuff at the top is upcycled from some vintage clothing. I think the pieces were the cuffs on a lady's blouse or dress. The yoyos are embellished with jingle bells on one side and a red button on the other.I'm glad my cat didn't locate the stocking. He would have loved the dangling jingle bells!

This month I've been the hostess of a GardenWeb swap. It's rather unusual because I made football the theme. Better still, the group seems to be enjoying the theme! There certainly is a lot of football discussion here in South Carolina. The Clemson-Carolina will be played on Saturday and both teams have done so well this year.

I have more Christmas stockings to complete and will try to finish them and add a picture soon!

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