Friday, May 10, 2013

One Year Ago

One year ago today I started my Etsy shop: TheSandlapperShop. It has been fun - although hard work at times, too. The best part was having a friend who helped introduce me to the world of Etsy. I've also enjoyed getting to know the owners of the other shops; we all try to help one another. No farther down on the list is having some of my customers respond with utter delight in the items they have purchased from me! I've found that making Etsy treasuries can be fun and rather addicting, too. My treasuries have won many top picks from teams and I think that only happens because they are a creative expression of art for me, just like a painter would paint a picture. I love the combination of colors and textures, picking out an appropriate name, and seeing the final product as it takes shape.

There will certainly be another year ahead. I hope to get more items entered into my shop... and a major plan for me soon is to become captain of a team. It's going to be a really fun team and I'll be sure to introduce it here.

Meanwhile, I have a set of coffee scented sachets (above) that would make a wonderful gift for someone or you can simply buy them for yourself. The fabric lends itself for a man or a woman. Every time I open the package they are in, I get that delightful aroma of coffee. Love it!

You might wonder why more quilts aren't listed. The truth is a am very persnickety about quilting so it's a long and slow process for me. I measure exactly, pin every little piece that I stitch, remeasure after I stitch and trim again if necessaary...I also get attached to most of them by the time they are finished. Only a few get listed. My Halloween table runner last year - I just had to keep it! A lovely quilt with pink and cream sold last year, Currently I have this toddler or baby sized quilt listed in my shop. I love the fabrics used in it and the combination of white, purple, lavender, green, and pale yellow make it a beauty! I think it has just the right look for a summer time gift. Don't forget that a baby gift can be given to a new grandmother, too. I had never heard of a grandmother shower until some online friends of mine did exactly that for me. Think of it, when baby comes to visit, grandma needs some baby care items in her home. It can also be used as a lap quilt, at the foot of the bed, or as a wall hanging. ("Grandma" could use it for the baby and later wrap it around her shoulders on a chilly evening or snuggle her feet under it to keep them warm. My feet can frequently use something to snuggle in!)

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers... and stop by to visit my Etsy shop!

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