Saturday, May 18, 2013

I opened my new team on Etsy and the name is Celebration Times. We are taking baby steps now, but the group will be lots of fun. We're going to focus on making treasuries that relate to special events (like a new baby in the family, anniversaries, weddings, etc.) and holidays. I have a blog for the new team so stop by if you like.
Would you believe some people join Etsy just to make the treasuries? They are fun and sort of addicting. If you use Pinterest and like doing that, you would probably like treasuries in Etsy.
On the quilting side of things, a craft group I belong to does a swap every now and then where we go through our craft items and play "the stealing game." My package came to me a little over a week ago and is great! I have a watercolor quilt kit and lots of yo-yos. I'm making a table mat for the first project and have it almost complete. I'll post a picture soon. I'm trying to decide if I prefer sewing the yo-yos together on the machine or by hand. Since I don't like sewing by hand I may have to perfect doing them by machine!

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