Thursday, May 9, 2013

Birthday Blocks: Lavender and Sage

Here are the birthday blocks that I made for one of our Birthday Block Exchange participants this month. The recipient is going for a Victorian look with her quilt and I think the sage, lavender, and cream will be beautiful. Can't wait to see it!

The background color is cream (the very same fabric in both) but sometimes my camera is unpredictable with the settings, so I usually need to make adjustments after I take the picture. For example, the original shot made the lavender look pink.

The weather has been so lovely here lately and my flowers are doing the best I think they have ever done... without me having to water them! I bought some tomato plants a few weeks ago and they have blossoms and even a few green tomatoes already. Very exciting! I guess our hot weather will be here soon though. I usually plan on Mother's Day weekend as the last of the reliably comfortable temperatures for my liking! After that, it's only a cooler day now and then. Also, our amount of rain will probably drop off drastically. Can you tell I am not a summer person?

If you check out my other blog, you'll see some of my comments about Jumpstart to Skinny.

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