Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blitz Treasury Weekend

First of all, wow, I had no idea it has been so long since I posted anything. Excuse me! Actually, I've been sick all summer and had surgery a few weeks ago, so there hasn't been a lot to say. I've done very little sewing, but the cooler weather is here and it's time to think about making Christmas gifts so I will need to get my act together soon.

Some of you know that I have two teams that I am captain of on Etsy. They are Celebration Times and Passport to the World. Celebration Times is having blitz treasuries this weekend and for the following two weekends. Our blitz price for this weekend is $5 and below and most of the items are Christmas related! Buy a pattern or two, a gift, something to wrap your gift in, or even something for yourself. You'll be proud that you shopped early and what a fantastic deal on these items!

Here are some examples:
Tote Bag $5.00

Glitz Dog Collar $5.00
Burlap Red Rose $5.00

Retro Potholder or Hot Pad $4.00
Crocheted Gift Card Holder $5.00
And see the shop code for an even lower price!
Pattern for making these charming bowl fillers $5.00

Here are links to my Etsy shop and all the other ships that are participating in the blitz.


Once you get to the shops listed above, you can sort the listings by lowest price and will find the ones that are $5.00 and below. I hope you enjoy shopping with us!

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  1. What a great promotion Jeanne, thanks for the links! Hope you are fully recovered and back sewing up a storm soon, Deb