Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween at the Dentist's Office

I don't believe I've ever gone to the dentist on Halloween before. However, I had to reschedule my appointment because of my surgery in September, so I went for my cleaning and check up today. What an interesting day to be there! The staff dressed up like characters from the Wizard of Oz. One of the Flying Monkeys was the one who cleaned my teeth. Aren't their costumes great?

Anyway, Happy Halloween to all and I think Halloween may be a good day to go to the dentist.


  1. The lady in white with the crown-what character is she? Sounds like a fun day at the dentist!

  2. She's the good witch! Not sure what the exact name is. Was it Glinda/Glynda?
    Someone who really knows the Wizard of Oz might tell us!