Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photo Stampede!

Today I asked my husband to take a picture of me, my dog, and my cat for my blog and to use on Etsy.  Oh, my... I had no idea it would be such a hassle.  Both are good pets, but the dog is a year old and was really excited about this whole idea and the cat did not want to be held that close to the dog for that long.  It was a circus! Then, too, I wanted a quilt in the picture so I was trying to prevent any damage to the quilt even if it is an old one that is pretty badly worn; it still made a nice backdrop.

So, here is the best of what we got.  There were lots of blurred shots and me leaning my head way back so the dog would not lick me face in the middle of the picture.

I decided none were good enough to keep on Etsy as a permanent reminder of the day, but I thought I would share one here. As you see, both pets were adopted. They don't like to know they were not originally part of the family! Our dog is Sydney; we don't know what kind of a dog she is.  We think she may be some combination of Greyhound and Australian Cattle Dog.  They had her listed as an Australian Shepherd Mix when we adopted her, but we doubt that's it.  Hershey is my cat.  He was listed as a Himalayan Mix.  He is probably either that or a Ragdoll.  He has the coloring of a seal point Siamese, but the body style of a Persian. He has beautiful blue eyes, but you can't tell that in the picture. Yes, he was saying, "Let me outta here!"


  1. How cute...pets have such wonderful personalities.

  2. It must have been quite difficult :-)