Saturday, June 23, 2012

I've Been Quilting...

It seems like a long time has gone by since I posted quilt pictures, but maybe it just "seams" that way!  Anyway, I took some pictures and one of these quilts is still in progress - yes, a few pins are still in the fabric as I finish it up! I really like these colors together.

The other quilt was completed today and has a totally different look to it.  I know some quilters have favorite colors or styles, I like it all!

One of the really good things about Quilt #2 is that I found the perfect thread color for hand stitching the binding.  It blended in beautifully with the binding and the backing.  I wish that was always the case.

I hope you were about to work on some quilts, today --- now it's time to cook dinner.

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