Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fabric Books - Completed!

The fabric books for my grandsons are not only completed, but they have been washed and mailed!  Making them was definitely an adventure, but they washed really well and I think the boys will really enjoy them.

Once I completed them I made the center for a round robin that I will be participating in and finished that late last night.  The border is the brown fabric that you see... I simply put a decorative edge on the photo that I posted.  I thought long and hard about fabrics and designs and finally went with something that said "Fall"  (...and not the kind that I had two weeks ago!)  The round robin will involve 4 people plus the originating quilter so once my round robin comes home, I will post another picture of how it turned out.
I still have way too many projects ahead of me so I'd better get back to work on my  fall endeavors.
Have a good weekend!

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