Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Embroidery Completed!

I decided to embroider bibs for my triplet grandsons as one of their Christmas presents and got those done this afternoon.  Wouldn't you know I forgot to take a picture of them!  They are all wrapped and boxed up now and waiting to be shipped to CA so this will have to do.

I bought the bibs at Kohl's and they happened to have a picture of them on their web site.  What you see here is the part that is already embroidered on the bibs when you buy them.  Underneath that I embroidered the name of each boy and then on the fourth one I just labeled it "Triplet."  The sayings will appeal to my daughter and son-in-law:

What I especially liked was that there was such a nice large space at the bottom to add their names.

I am still working on hand stitching the binding on a quilt that is to be a Christmas gift so I need to get back to work on it.  I hope everyone is getting closer and closer to being ready for Christmas!  The days have flown by this month.

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