Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Little Girl Things

I've found that after that beautiful granddaughter arrives, you develop a special interest in "little girl things."
I'll start out with a newer picture of my darling granddaughter, Miranda.

With Easter coming up, I had to get this cute little bunny hat for her. It's not listed on Etsy right now, but comes from the shop

As you may recall, I am captain of two teams on Etsy. The baby girl items have caught my attention. I think Miranda needs all of them!  Here are some cute items from 2HeartsDesire First of all, look at this pretty card to welcome a new baby girl.


 Then there are these adorable teething ring rattles. These work for a boy or a girl.  :-)

 And how about this beautiful pink wooden Easter to celebrate Baby's First Easter?

Check out all of these items at

Miranda might need to be a bit older to appreciate something like this, but one day she will simply have to have an American Girl Doll. Look at this cute outfit:

This dress and many other outfits for American Girl Dolls can be found at DonnaDesigned.

And we can't forget Dr. Seuss. In fact, Miranda was born on what was Dr. Seuss's birthday!

 This print and others as well as photographs can be found at SoupDimples:

Well, I think Grandma needs to stop shopping now. Enjoy the Springtime weather if it has reached your area by now. We've had a few really beautiful days and my plants are responding.


  1. She is adorable, Jeanne. Being a grandma is the best. I hope you have many happy moments with her.
    Thank you for featuring my shop on your blog.
    Donna (Donna Designed)

  2. Let me know if you are interested in smocking for her.