Sunday, September 16, 2012

Etsy Treasuries

I make Treasuries on Etsy all the time. I enjoy looking through the lovely items on Etsy and trying to coordinate colors and textures. It's fun and a bit soothing to select the items. Anyway, I never knew how to add a Treasury picture here on my blog, but someone who I featured in this Treasury helped me out. She posted it on her blog, so now I was in business - I know how to copy and paste!

This is a Scavenger Hunt Treasury for the Theme Team. We get a list of words and look for items that portray that idea. Sometimes it's pretty easy. For example, the bear named Fanciful represents the word fanciful. Other times it's indirect. I used the flowers made from pages from the book Gone With the Wind for the word wind. The Serenity Prayer on the scrabble tile that has been made into a pendent is for the word serene. Chilled Eggnog (even if it is eyeshadow) represents yummy.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. The Carolina Gamecocks won their game last evening so we had fun watching the game on TV and I was very happy about the outcome.

You can go to this site to find the full list of words used:

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