Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sleepy Day

I am not just being lazy... I had oral surgery to have a tooth extracted this morning so it's the meds making me so sleepy.  I hope my blog makes sense!  Anyway, this tooth was part of a bridge so it was quite the morning - first to the dentist so he could cut the tooth away from the bridge and then to the oral surgeon so I could get IV sedation to have the tooth removed. (I opt for the most pain free way to do things now after many years of having things hurt too much.)

I don't want to jinx myself, but so far everything seems to be going really well.  I don't even want to think how many times I have had root canals, crowns, bridges, a tooth extracted, gum surgery... and then even an implant about two years ago. It makes me think the implant should be the first option instead of jumping through all those procedures first! As much as I hate dental work though, my dentist and oral surgery are very knowledgeable, kind and comforting, and do good work so that makes me a little less stressed about the whole thing.

No sewing for me today.  I would be too worried that I would sew over my finger or not be careful enough with the rotary cutter and we don't want to go there!  As you see I joined Etsy recently and last evening just for the fun of it, I created a Treasury with the title I am NOT a dentist. You would not believe all the items that nearly made me sick just looking at them - human teeth, x-rays, things that looked like each of those, old dental instruments, etc. Okay, so I am kind of squeamish about those sorts of things. I included the cutest I could find that I thought might not be objectionable to anyone.

If you want to see my dental Treasury, here is a link to it:

A dentist or a dental hygienist would probably love to look through the dental items.  I didn't want anything to make me nervous about my upcoming dental procedures so it was a bit unsettling to look at some of them.  However, we joke that one of my triplet grandsons will want to be a dentist because he is so interested in teeth - so the little outfit was a perfect thing for me to include in my Treasury. (Don't hold him to it.  He's only a little over a year old!)

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