Monday, February 20, 2012


I finished this quilt a few weeks ago, but I am just now getting the picture posted.

I love to name my quilts and this one is StrataVarious.  I want to hang it somewhere in my house - just haven't decided where yet.  It is not a specific quilt shown in Louisa L. Smith's book Strips 'n Curves, but it is made in that style.  The copyright on the book is 2001 and it was published by C & T Publishing if you are looking for it.  There are lots of beautiful quilts pictured in the book to give you inspiration!

The other thing I made recently is a mug rug.  What a fun and simple thing to make!  I'm sure I will be making more. (There is some wrapping paper under the mug rug so that is why you see the odd shape.)

Happy Presidents' Day.  I thought the cherries in the fabric above were appropriate to post for this day.  George Washington lost out on having his own special holiday a few years back, but his birthday is on February 22nd if you want to remember him then.  Often I serve something with cherries on his birthday.  All accounts now seem to indicate the story that he couldn't tell a lie and admitted to chopping down the cherry tree was not true though.
I love to read about the U.S. Presidents.  How about you?  One of my goals is to read a biography or autobiography on each of the presidents!

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