Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving from Sow to Sew

I was hostess for a Theme Garden Seed Swap this month.  1,984 packs of seeds made it my way from all over the country.  My job was to divide them according to the 5 themes that each person listed.  Very creative themes and very creative ways to link the seeds to the themes!  It was fun, but since I was trying to get them all in and back out in about 10 days, that's about all I have done lately other than the essentials.

Here was my set-up. Yes, there were so many seeds that I was sorting them into grocery bags.

Here are some of the cute themes and some examples of the kinds of seeds they included:

For Salad Bowl one sender found a variety of lettuce that was Salad Bowl Lettuce!
The Children's Garden included Fairytale Eggplant seeds.
For Little Gems there was a Marigold called 'Lemon Gem.'
Jurassic Park got Sunflower 'Mammoth', Dinosaur Kale, Chile 'Thai Dragon' and  Salvia 'Purple Volcano'
There was The Great Race with Chinese Forget Me Nots, Watermelon 'Congo', Marvel of Venice Beans, Chinese Mantanghong Radish, Chinese Lantern and many more.
It's Not Easy Being Green included Tomato 'Green Velvet', Bells of Ireland, and Giant Lime Green Zinnia

Anyway, you can see it was creative and lots of fun.  With the 23 people who participated we had 115 themes.

Now for the part about "moving from sow to sew" - there are 3 quilt projects that need to be given high priority so that's where my attention will go for the remainder of the week.

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  1. I love the idea of the themes! So neat to swap seeds-but that makes it even more fun : )